By donating used clothing and household items, you can help generate funding and furthering our impact in the Rhode Island community. Our partnership with Savers Thrift Stores has been a key factor in allowing us to increase the number of children and families we serve.

The Donation Center is our subsidiary that collects donations of used clothing and small household items, which funds about 70% of our mentoring programs and provides financial support to 139+ charities in the state. The Donation Center opened in 1997 and the infrastructure originally established is well-positioned for continued growth! Items are collected through a system of home pick-ups, donation drop-off centers, and green clothing donation bins. The Donation Center has strong name-brand recognition, as evidenced by the collection of over 3-5 million pounds annually.

In 2023, we gave out more than $175,000 to nonprofit agencies and municipalities. Check out our Big Green Bin partner listing!

Our Big Impact with the Rhode Island Community

Our Brand Recognition at Work:

  • We visit every city and town!
  • 35,000+ households visited annually!
  • 750 individual home pick-ups weekly!
  • Our trucks run 5 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.!
  • Our trucks drive a combined 168,380 miles per year!
  • 17 Towns and Cities have partnerships with our agency through our Bin programs!
  • 87 Donation Bin placements with non-profits, businesses, schools, towns, and cities!

Making a Big Impact on Environmental Sustainability:

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions!
  • Creates green jobs; helps support local non-profits!
  • Reduces municipal collection and disposal costs!
  • Saves water! Over 700 gallons of water are used to produce 1 t-shirt!