BBBSRI Donation Center

Donating gently-used clothing, sheets, shoes, and textiles creates life-long friendships & keeps 3-5 Mil Lbs of cloth from the RI landfills each year!

#BiggerTogether Weekend

We're raising funds and collecting clothes for our mentoring programs and to give the youth we serve the tech they need to return to school safely this fall. 20,000 kids in R.I. have had zero access to education since March 2020 and we're closing that gap. #BiggerTogether Weekend - It's Virtual!

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Schedule A FREE At Home Pickup!

Donating is Free, Easy & Convenient!

We offer FREE at-home pick up of your donations of new and gently used clothing, shoes, towels, curtains, sheets, and textiles all over Rhode Island with rotating Neighborhood Schedules.

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Items We Currently Accept

Items we Can & Cannot accept

Due to the unprecedented events related to COVID-19 Our Donation Centers can accept bagged clothing donations only.

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The Cost of Dumping Trash at Our Big GREEN Bins

Keep it Classy! Not Trashy!

Dumping at our sites or bins is NOT philanthropy. This is littering and it costs our agency A LOT of money to clean up. As Governor Gina Raimondo would say: #KnockItOff. Drop your donations at 1540 Pontiac Ave in Cranston ONLY, please! #BiggerTogether

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Big Brothers Bigs Sisters of Rhode Island' Donation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that collects clothing and small household items to fund our local youth mentoring programs serving 300+ Rhode Islanders every year.

Due to the unprecedented events related to COVID-19 Our Cranston Donation Center location is open Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm to accept bagged clothing donations only. Our Donation Center Sites in Johnston, Middletown/Newport, and Wakefield are closed until further notice.

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