Now More Than Ever, We Need Your Support.

Your monetary donations allow us to make a difference in the lives of children throughout the state. Any and all donations are appreciated.


Learn more about how your clothes and other items can get a second life while helping children in our community.

Donation Center

Our events are a fun way to pass the time, see what we are about, and support our mission all at the same time.

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  • A Monthly Gift of $10.00 will help pay for background checks for our volunteer mentors and provide much-needed emergency assistance to our RI families.
  • A Monthly Gift of $20.00 will help pay for a free activity for a Big & Little Mentoring Pair.
  • A Monthly Gift of $50.00 will help fund First Aid and CPR training for all volunteers.
  • A Monthly Gift of $100.00 will help sustain one Big & Little Mentoring Relationship for 1 year.

Match Support/General Fund

The “matching” process is an intricate one. Once a “match” is made our social work team provides ongoing, consistent Match Support:

A system of monitoring mentoring-relationship milestones, supporting mentors, children and families with ongoing, professional advice, problem solving, and training opportunities focused on improving outcomes for youth. Match Support is a critical component of our program as our mentors are volunteers and need ongoing guidance and leadership from youth development professionals.

Recruitment, Safety and Screening Fund

We must actively recruit volunteers by promoting our program around the State, through multiple marketing channels. With safety as a top priority, each volunteer mentor is fully screened and trained by our professional staff. Volunteer screening includes a three-tiered background check as well as an in-person interview, reference checks, a home assessment, and a full orientation.

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