Matches and Mission


We kicked off mentoring with an exploration of sugary substances. Matches first learned how to make a dilution scale using glucose tablets and food coloring and used glucose test strips to measure the levels. Then matches moved on to measuring the glucose levels in a variety of common goods to include, tomatoes, ranch salad dressing, honey, and orange juice.

Four our second activity, matches demonstrated the spread of infectious diseases. Each match received a test tube that represented their physical being. One test tube in the group contained a 25% Potassium Hydroxide solution to simulate an infected individual. Everyone exchanged their solution with 2 others, and then were tested for infection by adding Phenolphthalein. Data was collected and the number of infected individuals was recorded. This procedure was repeated two more time, each round increasing the number of solution exchanges. Bigs and Littles were filled with excitement and curiosity as they watched our results unfold.

Our first activity was extra sweet, focusing on familiarizing matches with the scientific method through the use of Halloween candy. Matches were given four different solutions, candy corn, and asked to make hypotheses about how the candy would react when submerged. After monitoring and recording results, matches shared their findings and how they matched up with their original hypotheses.

For our next activity, students learned about chromatography using a variety brands of washable black markers. Students learned how to extract the various colors that came together to create the unique black of each marker brand and were able to compare and contrast. Matches then replicate the process with spinach, extracting blue-green chlorophyll A and yellow-green chlorophyll B.

This month’s activity was extra sweet, with a STEM activity focusing on familiarizing matches with the scientific method through the use of Halloween candy. Matches were given four different solutions, candy corn, and asked to make hypotheses about how the candy would react when submerged in water, vinegar, vegetable oil, and seltzer. Next, students placed the candy in each solution and observed, monitoring for changes and recording findings at various time intervals. At the end, matches shared their finding and how they matched up with their original hypotheses.

Matches made their own “Name Aliens” with this Creative Arts activity. Matches folded cardstock in half and wrote their names in colorful markers and crayons. Next, matches cut around the top and sides of the their name. Bigs & Littles then unfolded the cardstock to reveal their own unique shape. Using their imaginations and the wacky shape as their guide, matches designed their own alien creatures. We have a future activity focused that will expand upon these unique creatures. Stay tuned!

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it was the perfect time for a Social-Emotional activity focused on gratitude. Matches used common household items to create gratitude wreaths. Bigs & Littles worked together to identify things they were grateful for, wrote them down on paper leaves, and colored them in. After preparing all of their gratitude leaves, matches arranged and glued the leaves to their paper wreath. Littles were able to keep their wreath or gift it to a person they were grateful for.


Big Sister Rebecca enrolled in the program because she realized how much of an impact the positive adult influences had in her life. She feels that because of her mentors, she was able to make good decisions and she feels as though she can be that person for a child now.

They both love running – Little Sister Aaliyah just started the cross country team at her school and Big Sister Rebecca trains for marathons. They both love animals, especially dogs – both of them have a dog and Big Sister Rebecca fosters dogs, too!


Big Sister Victoria has always known about the program through word of mouth and was looking forward to being a Big as she enjoys working with children and always wanted to work with teens. Nelmarix and her family are new to the area.
Nelmarix wanted to have someone she can explore the city and do new activities.

Nelmarix wants a mentor to have fun with, talk about her career aspirations, (she wants to be a doctor) and someone who will take her around Providence. Nelmarix has never seen downtown Providence. When Victoria first heard about Nelmarix, she knew right away that she was the perfect match! At the match visit they got along great and both are excited to start their adventure together.

Collin and B’Call were matched because they are both interested in sports and also B’Call wanted a mentor to do “guy” stuff with and have someone who he can trust.

Collin and B’Call hit it off right away. B’Call has the funniest personality which helped them click over sports and their hobbies!

As soon as Big Sister Jessica and Little Sister Mylea started the ice breaker activity it was a bunch of laughs! They were both engaged in learning more fun facts about one another. Little Sister Mylea learned her Big Sister enjoys writing, and she immediately went to grab her notebook. When she returned, Mylea read to Jessica one of the poems she had written. Their first outing will be on National Taco Day, and you guessed it... they'll be going out for tacos!

Big Sister Nana decided to become a mentor because she has always wanted to mentor a child. Nana wants to be there to help pass on the many lessons she's learned in life to someone who can benefit from it the most. Nana is also looking forward to just hanging out and having a good laugh or two with her little.

During their match visit they were able to talk about Little Sister Ola's new school year, and how it has been going so far. They will be going on their first outing soon, and Nana is thinking about taking her little to make some pottery!

This match was really excited to meet each other, and the meeting went very well!

Big Brother Alex became a mentor because he feels every child deserves an opportunity in life. He is committed to helping a child have fun while learning at the same time.

At the match visit, they were able to learn a few things about one another other. Yandel learned that he and his Big Brother Alex have the same favorite animal: dogs! Alex learned that his Little Brother’s favorite color is gold. Yandel and Alex also found out that they both love fishing. When Yandel learned this, he was very excited and took out his fishing rods and tackle box to show his Big Brother. It's no wonder they decided to go fishing for their first outing.

Big Brother Jeremy became a mentor because he feels that he has a lot to offer. Jeremy is a Navy veteran who can speak 4 different languages fluently.

Jeremy and Azarel were able to connect over their interest in history and learning new things. Jeremy was very excited to meet his Little Brother Azarel because Azarel enjoys thinking critically and he enjoys finding innovative ways to fix things if they are broken.

(Azarel’s handle bar grips broke on his bicycle so he decided to use duct take to fix them until he could find new grips. After the repair was done he could go out and ride his bike with his friends).

Mike and his Little Brother Ruben

Mike is big on volunteering and has always heard great things about the experiences other people have had with Big Brothers Bigs Sisters. He shared that while he was searching for other volunteer opportunities Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island just happened to come up in conversation at the time. So he decided to give being a Big Brother a try.

Mike and Ruben got along well during their introductory visit. Ruben was quiet but did share he was excited to have someone to talk to and go out with. He was excited to learn that his Big is also into anime and Big Brother Mike was excited to hear his Little Brother’s favorite band is Queen!

Big Brother Willie and Little Brother Pedro

Willie has known about our program for quite some time as he is heavily involved in the community. Willie has a passion for advocating for others and in his professional and spare time is involved in a variety of endeavors that help support those in need. His area of expertise is in education and career counseling.

Pedro is interested in having a Big Brother because he recognizes he needs to change his behavior at home and in school and would like someone to talk too and go out to fun places. Pedro mentioned he liked learning that his Big wants to change the world and if he could, he would end world hunger.

Willie mentioned he liked learning how active Pedro is and his interest in changing his behavior for the better. Pedro just started 9thgrade and would like to attend college after high school. Willie is excited to help his Little get into his school of choice and accomplish other goals along the way!


Big Sister Gwen with her Little sister Hilary

Gwen is a Big Sister because she grew up in a community that really supported her and she wants to be able to provide that kind of support to someone else in the community. Someone who may not have access to the same opportunities.

As soon as Gwen and Little Sister Hilary met, they began talking and had a great time answering the "getting to know you" questions. They learned that they both love dogs, and that they both like the colors pink and purple. Big Sister Gwen has a dog and Hilary can’t wait to meet him!

Gwen learned that her Little Sister's favorite food is ribs and, Hilary learned that her Big Sister loves Taylor Swift. They also thought it was cool that they were wearing the same style jeans!

Big Brother Lee and his Little Brother Cam

Lee has always known about Big Brothers Big Sisters. He is really excited about getting involved, and looks forward to the journey he and his little will embark on.

Lee and Cam took their time to get to know each other. Cam learned that his Big Brother is really into history while Lee learned that Cam is into Transformers and was named after a rapper!

Lee liked how easy it was to talk with Cam and is interested in learning more about Cam's interests. And if you couldn't tell from the pictures, they both like to share a laugh every once in a while.

Big Sister Kaitlyn and her Little Sister Rafnely

Fun fact: Kaitlyn joined the Peace Corps a couple of years ago. She spent almost 2 years in Rwanda, educating and helping build schools for the local village. This experience had such a strong impact on Kaitlyn, she wanted to come home and do something impactful as well.

Kaitlyn and Rafnely hit it off once Rafnely felt comfortable around her Big Sister. Rafnely shared her nickname is ninja turtle and she is surprised Kaitlyn’s sister is obsessed with them. Kaitlyn loved to learn that Rafnely is an old soul and loves Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Rafnely made it clear it’s the only music she will listen too.


As a part of our Wellness Weekends Initiative, last month 5 matches attended the Hub Parkour gym in Norton, MA. The gym consisted of different obstacles of varying heights and coaches that guide you through the course. The goal of Parkour is to get from point A to point B as fast and safely as possible.

Our matches learned about Parkour and the appropriate way to jump up heights, jump over objects and climb walls. All of our matches had a great time.

Big Brother Tim with his Little Cody

Big Brother Tim wanted to become a mentor because he had an older brother that was his mentor growing up.

They were able to connect over their love for sushi, interest in sports, and also interest in cars. Big Brother Tim went to culinary school and received his degree from Johnston and Whales. Funny enough, Little Brother Cody is interested in being a chef when he grows up!


Big Brother Erik meeting his Little Brother Chris for the first time

Big Brother Erik heard about the work Big Brothers Big Sisters does in the community from a lunch and learn event. He is a mentor because he know how beneficial it is for a child to have a positive adult role model. He feels that it’s a great opportunity to give back and really make a difference.

Big Brother Erik and Little Brother Chris connected right away. They both found out they have the same middle name and have the same favorite TV show. Before you knew it, they had already come up with a date, time, and activity for the first outing. Bowling is great way to have fun and break the ice.

Big Sister Lauren making some face with her Little Sister Jasmin

Lauren heard about us from a friend that is a Big Sister in Massachusetts. She became a mentor because she enjoys helping people in any way she can. She especially wants to have a positive impact in the life of a child.

Big Sister and Little Sister found out that they both love ice scream, going to the beach, and their favorite color is purple.

Big Brother Michael and Little Brother Lenny

Meet Big Brother Michael and Little Brother Lenny. Big Brother Michael has always known about our program and decided that he is at a point in his life where he has the time to mentor a child in the community.

They really hit it off! Big Brother Michael found out that Little Brother Lenny loves to catch frogs. Which is great because Michael loves to catch frogs too! Can you guess what they plan on doing on their first outing?

Yup, catch frogs.

Little Sister Eva and her Big Sister Lita

Big Sister Lita is ready to make a positive impact in the life of her Little Sister Eva. She hopes she can pass on a little of her wisdom to Eva, and is sure she will learn plenty herself.

Lita and Eva were matched because they are both adventurous, and enjoy trying new things! They both enjoy music & dance – Little Sister is currently in dance classes and she thought it was cool that her Big Sister took tap and jazz classes a couple years ago! They both like going out to eat and doing arts and crafts!

Big Couple Andrew and Jennifer with their Little Anthony

This match hit it off since the moment they met. Little Brother Andrew found it so cool that his new Big Sister has a horse and works at the Audubon society in Massachusetts!

This match is extremely active all around. They talked about all the sports that they enjoy playing and they talked about some of the cool hiking spots that they have been to.

Little Brother Anthony has been waiting to be matched, and now, not only does he have a Big Brother, he has a Big Sister as well.

Big Sister Amanda and her Little Serenity

We are starting off July with a brand new match between Little Sister Serenity and Big Sister Amanda!

Amanda has always been into volunteering and described it as a rewarding experience. Amanda believes in the power of mentorship, and wants to pay it forward.

Amanda and Serenity were matched because both have an interest in singing and have very outgoing personalities. Both were equally excited to find out they love Mary Poppins and they enjoy eating Pizza and Pasta.

Serenity was so excited to meet her Big Sister. She couldn’t wait to go on their first outing.


Sue decided to be a Big Sister so she can offer what she has learned in her life and make a difference in the life of another. Sue feels she has been so blessed in her life and wants to spread the blessings.

Sue and Angelina were matched because of their love for baking, watching movies, going to the beach, and their laid back personalities.

One of Angelina’s goals is to have new experiences and Sue shared that she wants to be the one to share those experiences with her Little.

This match is awesome! They connected right away and decided to go toss a football around for a while when they first met. Cauis was so kind. He made sure that his Big Brother was hydrated and brought him some water. They were able to connect over their love for football since Sam used to play in college and Cauis was recently accepted into a football camp.

Little was so excited he started listing all the things that he wanted to do such as go to the local aquarium to touch some sea creatures.

Hillary has known about BBBS through friends who have mentored in the past in different parts of the country. Hillary’s motivation to mentor is to give back and get involved in her community as she plants roots in RI. Little Sister Delylah wanted a Big Sister so she can have someone to talk too and explore new places with!

Both Hillary and Delylah are really into foods and Delylah cannot wait until Hillary tries Mangu – her favorite Dominican dish!

Brian has always known about the program and has decided that he now has the time to give back and positively influence the life of a child.

Brain and his little Logan were able to connect during the match visit over how they both like the color blue, are both right handed, and they both LOVE the Lego movies! Little brother Logan actually cooked brownies for his Big Brother, but unfortunately due to an allergy he wasn’t able to eat them.